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F is for Fashion (Lust List)

20 Dec

After a nice evening out Bear took me to a small Goodwill to do a little thrifting before heading home.  I looked, with no success, in the plus section and decided to check the men’s section for some comfy sweaters.  Sure enough, just as I gave up I spied the John Goodman flannel I had been hunting for.  A xxl tall men’s green plaid flannel shirt.  Obviously worn in, I was so ecstatic I bought it without even trying it on thinking I would need to belt it and wear it with some leggings.  When I got home and tried it on I discovered it wasn’t too big at all, just barely covering my bum!

Sexy, right?

Of course that means I am on the prowl for something new!  I have seen some stunning plus size tutus on other blogs and I just had to do some online “window shopping” to see if I could find one to make my own!

This tutu skirt is made by Etsy artist kovale.  It is absolutely stunning!  A white tutu lies under a netted, feather top layer.  The price is steep but I can dream about twirling around in this lovely skirt! Sizes range from xl to xxxl and up and need to br pre-ordered so keep that in mind!

Okay maybe this qualifies more as a petticoat than a tutu, but the color is stunning and the layer look would be modest enough to wear without a skirt over it.  I hope this tutu is every bit as bouncy as it looks!  I would love to wear it with my blue and white striped cardigan or a cute, lacy cami.  You can get your own here for $32 and size go up to size 20.

Okay, maybe not really a skirt, but this tutu dress from Asos Curve.  Sizes 18-22, this dress can be worn with a glittery bolero or red cardigan for christmas parties. The best part, it’s on sale now!

Alright, alright I got terribly distracted but this high waisted skirt by StarChic just needed to be on my lust list for sure. I would be willing to splurge $60 for this velvet red skirt (POCKETS!) Yes, yes a thousand times yes please! I think it would look just as great with a silky black shirt and some dark tights to warm up in the cold Wisconsin winter!


F is for Fashion!

19 Dec

More pleats today. It may have snowed a few days ago, but it is all gone now and a balmy 40 degrees outside; basically summer for a true Wisconsinite!  I went to Burlington Coat Factory yesterday. I haven’t stopped in there since I was young and my mom couldn’t find a girl’s coat to fit over my rotund little belly!  But, damn, do they have great prices! My natural instinct is to still shop clearance, despite the prices being so cheap. I caved and bought a new winter coat at full price for (wait for it) TWENTY DOLLARS!!  Wow, I’ve never found a good dress coat for less than 150 and since I am wide in the hips and smaller in the waist most fitted coats don’t fit me well anyways.  It’s a 3xl from Miss London, a company I have never heard of and can’t seem to find a site for.  It’s very similar to a tan wool peacoat, but a tad lighter. Fully lined and everything, too.  It seems like a regular item so if you are interested I would head on over and get your own! They have coats that come in larger sizes too, so if you are looking for a cute winter coat I would recommend you checking out Burlinton Coat Factory.

Not this exact coat. Think smaller gold buttons and wooly material. Source: Burlington Coat Factory

The other item I bought was this faux leather stretch belt with a nice gold medallion on the front. I didn’t own a brown belt and I needed something to wear with a few dresses and skirts I owned. It screamed country chic to me so I picked it up for only $7.  Bear told me it really helps this outfit look awesome!

This skirt is proof of my theory that no matter where you end up in your shopping trip: TRY ON EVERYTHING. Well, okay, not quite. I was at a Goodwill in Madison and they have weird dressing rooms so I don’t try on things there. The doors start about a foot off the ground and are about 4.5 ft tall leaving about 6 inches of my face staring out into the shopping area. The one time I tried things on a LOT of men walked by and tried to nonchalantly look over. Nope.  So from there on out I just eyeballed things. This was an eyeball success!

Skirt: size 14, $2.99 Goodwill

Shirt: size xxl, $5.00 Target

Belt: size xl, $6.99 Burlington Coat factory

Also, proof that I do, in fact, have a face. I am tall and since I take photos on the computer I often can’t fit my head in or it’s blurry.  So, proof.

F is for Fatgirlfashion!

17 Dec

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down on a snowy saturday morning with a big cup of something warm and looking at size positive blogs.  It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Bonus points for fashion ideas and these ladies are never short a few of those.  I stumbled across fatgirlfashion.tumblr.com this morning. Granted there are only seven pages of blog, but the style and the lovely girl on it are both fierce and inspiring.  Kaleigh and Sarah maintain this blog and, I have to say, the photos really represent the free spirited nature of the size positive movement.  Also, thrift and vintage clothing abound!  Can’t say no to that.  Here are a few of my favorite outfits from the site and a link to you can enjoy!






F is for F That!

16 Dec

F is for F that is my rant title. Be warned. I am moving a few good articles I wrote from my old blog over here for you to see and comment on.

Today’s topic: the high cost of shopping big.

Recovering financially from a big purchase of big clothes can take a lot of time. I see and hear a lot of bloggers and plus friends who struggle to make ends meet and maintain a fashionable wardrobe. While it’s true that thrift stores, bargin buys, and sale racks help alleviate some of the strain on our wallets, it no less shows the inequality between straight sized women and plus women when it comes to money spent on clothes.

Let’s be blunt, it does take a fraction more time and maybe a half a yard more material to make a shirt or dress a few sizes bigger. It seems reasonable, fiscally, that there would be a marginal price markup for the time and materials it takes to make our clothes. Why is it then that I can’t even shop the front racks of Lane Bryant or Torrid where a simple button up is $50.00 compared to other stores where they are $20.00? Why are we gladly handing over money to Etsy designers who charge thirty five more dollars for a simple circle skirt with material that costs $8.00 a yard?

Stores that cater to large women insult us with extreme mark ups.

These stores are no more our friend that those that cater only to small women or those that only hire modelesque store clerks. They use the same tactics of putting women at a disadvantage for just being big. And having been to a Men’s XL store searching for clothes for my 6’4” boyfriend I can tell you that the same discrimination applies to men!

So what do we do? We can keep shopping thrift, making cautious large purchases, and spending months recovering from our basic shopping. Or we can act. We can demand explanations for pricing. Tell these companies what we are not going to buy from them unless they make a valid effort to make clothing more affordable. Boycott! Get angry! Make demands! It’s our right as consumers.

F is for fluctuation…

16 Dec

Not in weight, although I’m sure I will be blogging about that sometime soon as well. I mean, in what I eat.  I believe, for me, whole foods are the best. When I don’t eat whole foods I feel like crap.  Now some people might feel like crap when they eat potatoes or meat or beans or wear high heels, but that’s not what I’m getting at.

Every once in a while I put that aside for what I call “mega-feast”. That night when there is nothing going on, most of the lights in the house are out and Seamus T. Dog is snuggled under my arm while I watch “Law and Order: SVU” reruns. That’s when I cash in my Papa John’s reward points and get a plate of hot pizza, wings and breadsticks. You know why?  Not because I need to “cheat” so I don’t overeat, not because I can’t control myself because I weight 300 lbs, no, because it feels damn good.

Food guilt is one of the most terrifying aspects of weight loss to me. In a previous blog of mine that never really took off, I discussed the implications of putting a moral value on what goes in my mouth.  Specifically for women, black and white moral labels are gratuitiously tossed about with wonton accuracy.  When a woman says, “I’ve been bad” we know, instinctually that she either splurged on a new dress or she ate something not on the weight loss list of “a-ok”.  Our minds don’t wander to fornication when a lady friend admits she’s been naughty over lunch.  Our suspicions are confirmed when she pretends to savor a caesar salad, hold the dressing and the croutons.

Weight loss blogs, sites, and meal plans have, for it seems forever, been trying to tear apart our relationship with food. Like a bitter ex lover crashing your first date with a new beau, diets insist on the all or nothing mentality.  Food, they say, should be about fuel, not enjoyment, not pleasure.  It leaves as sour taste in my mouth as religious ideology of sex as purely reproductive.  Diets assume that since we are “overweight” we do not have a healthy relationship with food. In that case, we might as well throw out the baby with the bathwater and turn our backs on the enjoyment and pleasure of eating forever.

Moreover, we are assumed to take on the qualities of the food we eat. We are told that society does not dictate who we are or what we can be, but god forbid you eat a slice of cake because you just landed yourself on the naughty list.  Sex remains a tenuous issue in feminist theory, but food tells the same story: if a woman indulges it will lead to the destruction of her moral character.

It’s a lot to think about when you are standing, barefoot, wearing your best hoodie in front of the fridge.  I make a simple choice: take out the pizza, eat it, enjoy it, and don’t look back.