F is for frilly, fat panties!

3 Jan

It’s not a secret that a lot of fat ladies who have not been introduced to the world of fat positivity really, really, really hate shopping for underwear.  Actually some very enlightened fat positive souls feel the same way!  Buying underwear can be hard for anyone. After all, it is the most intimate apparel we own. It has to be sexy, functional, fun, empowering, and comfortable and that can be hard.

Fat women especially feel that they are left with few options.  We seem to be torn between granny panties and a nice cotton brief because anything else either doesn’t come in our size or doesn’t fit right.  Few companies cater to our large curves and if they do, they don’t do it right.

I’ve found, personally, a few brands that might help my fellow fatties find comfort in their most intimate apparel.  First up, Cacique.

Now I know I’ve been talking about Lane Bryant quite a bit lately, but I truly feel that their Cacique line of bras and panties is particularly fat-friendly and worth a try for any lady who had felt like her panties aren’t fitting quite right.

They have a huge selection from quant and simple cotton briefs in solids or fun patterns.

I wear fun briefs when I’m running to the store or wearing a particularly nice dress (as I usually wear spanx to avoid chub rub) so that they don’t ride up.  Cacique carries both high waisted and low waisted briefs. I would recommend going up a size if you are used to panties that have a little more stretch and roominess to them.  I just ordered a few pairs during the 5 for $25 sale and went to size 26 instead of 22/24 and they are incredibly comfortable and durable.

I am a huge fan of lace myself and I also ordered both a lacy pair of briefs and a half thong totally in lace.  I am AMAZED at how well the lace withstands me pulling and pushing it around. I have heard a complaint that the crotch hangs low in lace boyshorts, but I have a long waist so that hasn’t been an issue for me.  Just a head’s up.


It seems some of the most popular items right now are the tangas and the boyshorts. When I was in they were in short supply so you might have better luck online with them.  The tangas seem to sit at the right place, don’t gap and don’t ride up.  The boyshorts don’t roll or fold on you like a lot of other brands (read: Victoria’s Secret) and come in everything from solids to polka dots to holiday themes. Great for under a big flannel shirt around the house, though I tend to wear Bear’s boxer briefs 🙂


Lane Bryant isn’t the only place to get great, comfy panties for a plus size booty.  I have had a great deal of luck with Torrid where you can find some great garter boyshorts and briefs, fun prints and sexy lacy bits.

Surprisingly, for the frugal fashionista, there are some great options at Target and Walmart.  I am partial to Hanes at Walmart and their multipacks usually contain 3-7 pairs depending on the cut and style.  Their nylon blend boyshorts in fun prints run about $8.00 but are a staple in my wardrobe and very comfortable.  Be careful with sizing, though. They tend to run a tad big.  I’m absolutely in love with Gillian and  O’Malley, a Target brand of panties. They are as varied as the stuff you can find in a nicer store and usually pretty cheap.  Check often for sales and clearance panties. Their sizes run up to a xxxl in some styles and range from lace boyshorts to lace paneled briefs to cotton thongs in every color.  Sizes are pretty spot on, but some prints seem to not look good when stretched out so give them a tug before putting them in your cart!


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